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Turkeys are cheaper

December 21, 2002

Albany- When you think of Christmas, you can't forget about holiday dinner filled with turkey, ham and all of the extra trimmings. With the Christmas season right around the corner, many people are heading to area grocery stores to get meats like turkey for Christmas dinner, and grocery store workers say they will save money because prices are lower.

But in neighboring states, like Alabama, meat prices have increased about two percent, and customers say they are glad prices are getting any higher.

Rhonda Lambert is fixing dinner for about seven relatives, and she says when you have to prepare so much food, you can't forget about the price.

So on Christmas day, many tables will probably be full of food because after all, the lower prices are sending people reaching for more.

Harvey's meat manager, Trey Mock, says prices for hams average about $1.29 a pound and turkeys average about ninety-nine cent a pound.

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