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Men arrested for soliciting prostitutes

(Source: Dougherty Co. Jail) (Source: Dougherty Co. Jail)

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Nine men, including one Marine, are charged with soliciting prostitutes in an Albany Dougherty Drug Unit sting last Thursday night.

An operation last month targeted prostitutes, and this one went after the customers.

the majority of those nine arrests were made at the corner of West Oglethorpe and South Harding Street. The Drug Unit Commander calls this a big problem in Albany, so much so, they could hardly keep up with the men willing to stop and solicit the officers.

County Motors owner William Spires says his customers are faced with prostitutes in front of his business morning, noon, and night. "I have a lot of elderly ladies who come in here, church people and they talk about it a good bit so."

Thursday, drug agents hoped to slow the activity, with the arrest of nine men, all willing to solicit their undercover officer here along Oglethorpe at Harding and in the West Highland Avenue Alley.

 "Will we stop it?" asked said ADDU Commander Maj. Bill Berry. "No, there's just no way, but what we can do is make it where it's not as discreet and it's not as open and the citizens don't have to worry about pulling up to a corner and someone propositioning them."

Among the nine are Ralph Jones, Terrence Brownlee, Rufus Rogers, Leslie White, Christopher Herring and Ronald West the second. Major Berry said the men were even willing to stop despite seeing officer's blue lights.

"Once they made the commitment we moved in and arrested them and then set back up and a couple of times we had to hurry up because they were circling for us."

Also arrested were William Acree, Theodore Jones, and Larry Thomas. Both William Spires and Major Berry hope the arrests will send a message, this activity makes Albany look bad an won't be tolerated.

"I'm sure the drug unit is doing the best they can, with what they have to do with," said Spires. 

In fact Major Bill Berry said the operation targeting this nuisance isn't over, and he and undercover officers will be back on the streets soon, looking for another way to target those who are willing to participate in this activity and sending them to jail.

In May, 10 women were arrested for prostitution along with two men who were charged with pimping.


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