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Bullet nearly hits 8-year-old Albany girl

By Len Kiese - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police are searching for three men after a fight led to gunfire. That gunfire nearly claimed an innocent victim.

Two of the men pulled guns and started shooting in a parking lot on South Van Buren Street a little after 6:30 Monday night. One bullet pierced a window in a bedroom where a little girl was playing. She wasn't hit but her mother is furious and wants this to be a wakeup call to stop the violence.

"They could have taken my baby's life today," said Chiquina Whitsett.

Life is much more precious at the Whitsett home. "She was this close from the bullet hole," said Whitsett.

A ragged hole marks the spot.  It's a visual reminder of the quick sounds. "Sounded like firecrackers coming through the house," said Whitsett.

8-year-old Daquiona Whitsett spends most afternoons dancing to music by her bedroom window. "She comes running through the house saying something came through the window," said Whitsett.

When she went to check it out, Chiquina Whitsett couldn't believe what she saw. "When I get back here there's a bullet hole right where my baby was playing," said Whitsett.

Daquiona's friend 8-year-old Keambria normally dances and plays along with her in the room. The family shutters to think about the possibilities. "That's my all. My child is my all and if something would have happened to my child, I don't know what I would have done. It just kind of makes me upset because nothing in the world could have been going on to the point that you shoot through the window when my child is in there dancing," said Whitsett.

Through the anger, Whitsell is thankful. "I am so thankful. I tell my baby I love her everyday and all I could do was just hold my child because I am so thankful. I am so thankful to have her," said Whitsell.

She says a home is supposed to be a safe haven. "I don't even feel safe in my own house anymore," said Whitsett. Her daughter doesn't feel safe either.  She's now traumatized.

"I made my mama leave with her because she wouldn't stop crying," said Whitsett. A mother is now crying out for people to stop the shooting before the next bullet hole points to an innocent victim.

Whitsett says she now plans to move. Police are looking for 24-year-old David Mason Williams and two guys known as "Black Jack" and "Black Robert". They're also searching for a small, white, 4-door car that is possibly a Ford Escort. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 229-436-TIPS.


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