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Sell alcohol to minors, go to jail

December 20, 2002

Albany - If you sell alcohol to a minor, you may end up in jail.

On Friday, District Attorney Ken Hodges announced a stricter stance to curbing underage alcohol sales. He said it's time to get tougher on clerks, because using undercover officers seems to have had little, if any, effect on deterring such sales. Hodges explains, "Right now, all we're doing is fining the store clerks 250 to 300 dollar fine for first offense and going up from there. I have enacted a policy that we will be recommending jail time for each and every violation every time a clerk sells alcohol to a minor."

The recommendation for a first offense will be a minimum of 24 hours in jail, second offense 48 hours in jail and third offense 10 days in jail.

A letter will be sent to more than 230 alcohol license holders in Dougherty County and within the City of Albany.

They will continue to send undercover officers into stores.

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