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School superintendent takes pay cut

December 20, 2002

Worth County - A South Georgia school superintendent voluntarily takes a hefty pay cut. Donald Slate says, "I'm simply doing my share."

Worth County Schools have to trim more than 550-thousand dollars from their budget. Slate has been the Worth County School superintendent for more than two years. Earlier this month, Slate announced his retirement. But until he leaves, his paychecks won't be as big as they have been.

A baby picture and a major American tragedy has encouraged Slate to retire as Worth County School Superintendent. He says, "Since September 11th, I've looked at priorities and need to be closer to my children. I have a new grandson who's 8 1/2 months old. It's really pulling hard on our heart strings." And the state has been pulling hard on budgets in Georgia schools. Slate decided to make a sacrifice for Worth County by recently deciding to take a 5,500 dollar pay cut. He says, "I'm gonna do my part. We're all going to make sacrifices in order to get over cuts the state's asking us to make."

The state has asked the Worth County School System to shave more than 550-thousand dollars from its budget. So, far the board has cut 404-thousand dollars. Slate says, "We were able to cut back on heating and air conditioning. Change the time from four to three-thirty trying to save some money there."

What happens if they don't meet the states budget cut? Slate explains, "Then we'll have to pay the difference in local funds, go into your fund equity which is your reserve and pay from those." Slate's superintendent contract ends September 30th of next year. He says, "I'll be doing something, what, I don't know at this point."

Before he retires, Slate will become the president of the Worth County-Sylvester Chamber of Commerce. After retirement, he wants to go back to Douglas County to be closer to this little one.

This isn't the first time Slate has retired. In 1997 he retired for two years from Douglas County School System. Then he was asked to be an Interim Superintendent in Colquitt County. He loved it so much he applied to Worth County.

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