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Save money when you save energy

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Multiple days of temperatures at or near 100º mean your air condition is likely running almost non-stop.

That of course means you can expect a bigger bill to pay for that extra energy this month.

While these 100º temperatures are increasing the pull of power from substations like this, according to Georgia Power, the usage is not even close to peak usage that occurred back in 2007.

That's likely due to the fact that many businesses have shut down in the past couple of years and are no longer using that power.

But homeowners are using plenty and that means their power bills are likely to go up dramatically this month.

Louise Peaks enjoys hot weather. "I love it. I love it. I'm a May child and I love the heat."

But she doesn't like the high utility bills that come along with it. "I am worried about this month because of the heat."

That's why she follows all the rules of energy conservation. She turns out lights that aren't in use, sets her thermostat on a balmy 78º and runs her ceiling fans to help her home cool down.

"I've cut back on my spending because I don't even know how much my light bill is going to be and I definitely don't want to be in the dark."

Fortunately, when it's this hot outside, her power wouldn't be cut off anyway.

"Well, if the temperature is estimated to be 100º or more, we're not cutting anybody off," said Lorie Farkas of Albany Water, Gas & Light.

But that means the next bill is just going to be even higher. "Obviously if you're not cut off and you should be, then it's going to give you an extra couple of days of utility bills that you weren't expecting and also the $25 penalty still applies."

Which would only add insult to injury, sending a high power bill through the roof. "It's so far started out to be a very brutal summer and looks like it's going to be a long, hot summer," said Farkas.

If you're looking for ways to lower your bill, Water, Gas and Light publishes this little booklet called 12 easy ways to save energy Dollars at Home. WG&L has them available free of charge for customers.

If you are worried about your Air condition is going to double your bill in this heat, you may want to consider turning it off when you are away from your home for three hours or more during the day, like when you go to work.

      • Use the energy calculator widget below to see how much ebergy you can save!

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