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Son killed by drunk driver, parents take action

December 19, 2002

Albany - The Powell family in Albany knows all too well what it feels like to get a phone call saying your son died in a car accident. Their son was hit by a drunk driver.

Almost five years ago, 18-year-old Adam Powell, a Senior at Albany High School, was driving on Whispering Pines Road going to his graduation practice. He never made it, all because a 17-year-old partied too much the night before causing a deadly accident. Now, Adam's parents are trying to save another mom or dad from hearing the same terrible news.

June 3, 1998, 18-year-old Adam Powell died. The 17-year-old drunk driver, Brandon Carswell, survived. The crushed cars crushed the hearts of their loved ones. Adam's mother, Nancy Powell, says, "It's been five years, it's hard to believe."

Adam died on his way to Albany High Schools graduation practice. His mother remembers, "That's what was so surprising to me it happened at 7:30 in the morning." He was buried the day he was suppose to graduate. She says, "Adam, he always stood for what he wanted and he stood for what he believed. He was against drinking."

Adam's death sparked something in his parents. His Mom, Nancy Powell, now educates other kids. She explains, "You're hoping when you speak you get at least the attention of one or two. I know you won't reach all of them."

The drunk driver, Carswell, was a friend of the family. Adam's dad, James Powell, says, "You can't be real happy with him, you don't hate him, at least I don't. He made a mistake." Mrs. Powell says, "I hope he learned a lesson, he takes his life and does something with it. Simply because Adam doesn't have a life anymore and can't do anything with his."

Carswell spent two full years in a state prison. He will spend 13 years on probation. He also had hefty fines and had to pay for Adam's funeral expenses.

The Albany Georgia State Patrol Post, which covers Worth, Baker, Dougherty and Lee counties has made 110 DUI arrests so far this year.

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