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Pool shooting has neighborhood motivated

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  A shooting on Albany's South Side this week prompted a local music organization to call for the community to stand up and stop the violence. Albany Police continue to question neighbors about Tuesday's shooting in the parking lot of Carver Pool. 

Three people were questioned yesterday. Two were arrested on unrelated charges. Police have not charged anyone with the shooting. Now the Georgia Music Association is planning a rally to take back the neighborhood.

That group hopes to fill this field with neighbors who are willing to take a stand and fight to make their streets safe. They say it starts here in the neighborhood with neighbors watching out for neighbors and not allowing violence to escalate.

Henry "We're allowing crime and violence to just escalate, we are allowing it," said Henry Thomas, Georgia Music Assoc. Founder/CEO.

The Georgia Music Association says there's a crisis in the community, they had planned a stop the violence block party for this Friday at the corner of Holloway and South Harding, but now they say their event blocks from Tuesday's shooting has new meaning.

"Our stand is to come out there and cry loud and ask our community to get with us and we have a plan. That plan is to work with neighbors in their backyards to slow the violence," said Thomas.

Today they walked the neighborhood, knocking on doors, encouraging neighbors to come out Friday and take a stand on their street.

Island "We, my generation has to step up to the plate and we just have to be responsible adults and know and teach our kids the way," said Island Boi Dre, a Local DJ.

"Through hope, through love through patience through kindness,we do too much violent things," said David Bethel, Georgia Music Assoc. President. "If I come at you with love you have no other choice than to come back at me with love."

They hope their message will be contagious enough to spread across the city, putting an end to what they call senseless violence. 

"We can't stop it but we got a judicial system we got a police department, we got sheriff's department. The community needs to get involved. And they hope that happens tomorrow night," said Thomas.

This isn't the only location this group plans to meet with neighbors, they say they'll hold what they call hood to hood block parties, including neighborhoods on the north, south, and east sides of Albany as well.  

Friday's rally begins at six and lasts until nightfall. There will be free food and drinks along with music from local DJ's, speakers, and games for the kids. At least three businesses are helping to sponsor the event.

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