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Seniors get help with the transition to digital

By Len Kiese - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The big switch to digital television is complete but some South Georgia television viewers are still trying to catch up.

Many area seniors need help with the switch and a program called "DTV: Keeping Seniors Connected" is giving them the assistance they need. One couple is entering the digital age with the help of the Sowega Council on Aging.

Life by the pond in Sumner is just picture perfect for Pete and Joyce Haman. "It's a nice getaway," said Joyce Haman.

But it's a summer getaway that gets a little snowy. "Right," said Haman, "we haven't had very good reception."

The snow has been constant since something called the Big Switch on June 12th, the historic change from analog to digital television. "I don't know much about it.  It's confusing to me," said Joyce.

The confusing process has Project Manager Chris Russell stepping in to help at homes all across Southwest Georgia. The Sowega Council on Aging has received hundreds of calls from people like the Hamans needing assistance with the transition.

"Total number now is over about 1,300," said Russell.

Since the Hamans only relied on an outside antenna at their summer home all these years, they had to purchase a converter box. With a few connections and some scanning, Russell had their television up and going.

"Oh it's a big difference. It's very clear and good. I appreciate it so much," said Haman. They now have more channels than ever before.  It's another success story for the Keeping Seniors Connected Program.

"The program is just off and running. It's been really good. We're really pleased with it," said Russell. The Hamans now have a little more to do when they get away for the summer.

The program is free and runs through July 31st. It's for south Georgians 60 and older. To get help, call the Sowega Council on Aging at 432-0994.


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