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Poor tax collections could lead to special session

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Tax collections continue to plummet in Georgia and that could lead to a special session of the General Assembly to make more cuts.

Representative Ed Rynders told us today that lawmakers are considering a special session in August to make more budget cuts. Early estimates reveal the state may need to cut another billion dollars from the budget that goes into effect next month. Rynders says legislators really have just two options.

"There's really only two options we have here in Georgia as you know and that is to either raise taxes or cut the size of government right now in Georgia we're looking at making sure the government does exactly what every citizen has to do and that is live within their means," said Rep. Ed Rynders, (R)-Lee County.

Money remains tight across the state. Georgia's Department of Transportation today announced they'll reduce roadside mowing, cutting almost 11 million dollars from their budget over the next year. Recently, the Governor ordered 25-percent cuts across the board for this month.

He backed off those cuts for the judicial system after the courts agreed to defer some expenses until next budget year.


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