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Southwest Georgia businesses learn more about Free Choice Act

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A proposal in Washington could change the way Georgia businesses deal with unions.

The Free Choice Act wouldn't change the fact that Georgia is a right to work state, but it could increase union presence in the state. Wednesday, representatives from about a dozen businesses met at the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce to learn more about the proposal. Attorney Jason Wilcox explained the way union cards are handled would change.

"What this means is that as the unions approach folks to be part of the union if they sign a car they're actually giving the union permission for the union to come in rather than in the past you could still show interest but then you still had to vote," said Wendy Martin, Albany-Dougherty Chamber of Commerce.

Secret voting would also no longer be a requirement under the proposal, giving union officials the opportunity to see who votes against a union. Congressman Sanford Bishop is interested in what local business thinks about the legislation and wants businesses to call his office and express their views.


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