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ADDU conducts alcohol sales investigation

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany law enforcement and prosecutors says they are pleased that most convenience stores in the city are not selling alcohol to underage people.  During an undercover sweep this month, 80% of the stores refused to sell alcohol to their operatives.

June 5th the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit and Albany Code Enforcement officers checked 34 Albany convenience stores, sending undercover operatives under the age of 21 in to try and buy beer. Only six of the 34 made illegal sales. 

ADDU officers say the Citgo on Ledo Road was one of  two convenience stores caught in the alcohol sweep that actually checked the under cover person's I. D., and still sold them alcohol. 

The former owners of this convenience store two years ago lost their liquor license when caught several times in these undercover stings.  The other store where the clerk checked the operatives ID, and still sold them alcohol was the Mini Mart on Stuart Avenue.  Officers say now that summer is here, and kids out of school, they wanted to make sure the stores were not providing them alcohol.

"Friday night's the usual night. And we used people who were 18 and 19 years old.  So there is no way they were close. They were not anywhere near being 21," said ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry.

Six stores sold this beer in the sting.  28 stores refused.  It has been more than a year since one of these under age alcohol sales checks have been conducted.  Three years ago the city cracked down on under age sales, making clerks get training, certification, and a special I. D. before they could sell alcohol. 

"I think that's the message that is pretty clear.  I think the convenience store operators and other business persons are getting that.  And it serves all for the good," said District Attorney Greg Edwards.  

"We look to do a whole lot more of these together as we go through the summer and into the starting of school in the fall," Major Berry said.

The beer bought in the operation was poured down the drain at the ADDU headquarters. The under age operatives wore video cameras recording the the six store clerks that sold them beer have been charged with serving alcohol to under aged, and will be prosecuted.  The stores will be reported to the state for license review.

ADDU officials reminded us that in past compliance checks often 60 percent of the convenience stores sold to their undercover operatives.  They see only 20 percent stores selling now as a positive sign that clerks take this law seriously.

Of course keeping under age kids from drinking and driving is something that should every adult in the community should be happy about.

Under Albany ordinances, stores must be caught selling alcohol illegally four times in a year to lose their alcohol license.

Under-Age Alcohol Operation Stats for June 5, 2009

  • Six locations that sold to under-age persons are:

Mini Mart at 2422 Stuart Ave, Albany, GA (Checked ID and still sold)
Devil's Store at 1400 Palmyra Road, Albany, GA (Did not check ID)
County Line Grocery at 4405 Acree Road, Albany, GA (Did not check ID)
Citgo at 2704 Ledo Road, Albany, GA (Checked ID and still sold)
Kangaroo at 1541 Mock Road, Albany, GA (Did not check ID)
Inland Gasoline at Jefferson and 2ND Ave, Albany, GA (Did not check ID)

  • Twenty-eight locations that did not sell to under-age person were:

Flash Foods at 2701 Gillionville Road
Homerun Foods at 3315 Gillionville Road
Express Lane at 3900 Gillionville Road
Woodall's at 402 Westover Road
Flash. Foods at 2825 Old Dawson Road
Shell at 2824 Old Dawson Road
Homerun Foods at 2728-B Dawson Road
Homerun Foods at 1105 Westover
 Food Mart Chevron at 2509 Stuart Ave
Jack Rabbit Foods at 2340 Dawson Road
Petro at 1200 Dawson Road
Chevron Food Mart at 2923 N. Slappey Blvd
Enmark at 2800 N. Slappey Blvd
Flash Foods at 2447 N. Slappey Blvd
Jack Rabbit Foods at 1817 N. Slappey Blvd
Woodall's at 1500 N. Slappey Blvd
Citgo at 1300 N. Slappey Blvd
Pilot at 310 Cordele Road
Enmark at 2424 Clark Avenue
Pit Stop at 3225 Sylvester Road
Express Lane at 3000 Sylvester Road
Flash Foods at 2336 Liberty Express
Stop-N-Shop at 2201 Liberty Express
Flash Foods at 624 Holly Drive
Citgo on Liberty Express and Holly Drive
Stocks Market at 104 Philema Road
Homerun Foods at 406 Philema Road
D&D Food Mart at 1430 N. Jefferson Street

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