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United Way of Thomas County doing well despite economy

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) -  Despite tough times The United Way of Thomas County met its fundraising goal for the year.

They needed to raise $230,000 dollars to distribute among non-profit agencies they support, and they were successful.

That comes only a week after the United Way of Southwest Georgia announced it's cutting funding to 42 agencies in half.

United Way of Thomas county serves 19 agencies in Thomas county including the Red Cross, the YMCA, and the Humane society.

They also support the Scott Senior Center, which provides nutritious meals, entertainment, and fellowship to Thomas county senior citizens. They said they're thankful the community was able to pull together and support non-profits the community needs.

A tasty meal of pasta and green beans was served Tuesday at the Scott Senior Center in Thomasville.

"Every day about 60-65 people come in for activities, and a hot lunch," said Director of the Senior Center Phyllis Nail.

The senior center is one of 19 non-profit organizations that depend on United Way of Thomas county.

The center recieves more than $1200 from them quarterly, which pays for meals in house, meals delivered, transportation to and from the center, and much more.

"Our goal was $230,000 and we were able to meet that because of our generous citizens," said Corey Hooper with United Way of Thomas county.

A surprising accomplishment.

" That really says something about the citizens here, the economy is bad put people are still taking money out of their pay checks," said Nail.

And it's a good thing they did.

Local agencies depend on United Way's funds.

And people like 98-year-old Ethel Slater and 86-year-old Wilma Furney say they can't imagine life without the Senior Center.

Here at the Senior Center, this van provides 60 hot meals to senior citizens in thomas county each day. And 30 more on a waiting list for meals on wheels. That shows how dependent residents are on the programs offered here. And how without United Way's funding, many people in the community could go hungry.

"A lot of them don't eat anything at home after they eat this meal because they can't afford it," said Nail.

And when times are tough, everyone struggles.

"It's now more than ever that these agencies need it. It's great we're able to give out the same amount we did last year," said Hooper.

Even though United Way met its goal, that doesn't mean non-profits in Thomas county and everywhere for that matter, don't need community support and donations. Donations are still down overall.

The United Way of Thomas county plans to meet in the next couple of weeks to come up with next year's campaign goal.


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