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City suspends Jolivette, does not fire him

Assistant Albany Fire Chief Rod Jolivette will get to keep his job, but he's being demoted.

Monday afternoon, City Manager Al Lott overturned the fire chief's decision to fire Jolivette for improperly using firefighters to clean up his family's home.

Instead, Lott determined that Jolivette will be demoted from assistant fire chief to First Lieutenant and his pay will be slashed.

Jolivette is also suspended without pay for 30 days.

Chief James Carswell recommended Jolivette be fired for sending a fire truck and a crew to his relatives' house to clean up flooded carpet and move furniture this past Spring.

Lott says he has grave concerns about Jolivette's leadership capability, judgement, decision making and overall sense of right and wrong. He warns Jolivette that more performance issues could lead to dismissal.

      • Click HERE to see the letter sent to Jolivette by the city manager.
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