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Man's best friend rescued by caring drivers

December 17, 2002

Lee County-- A Siberian Husky was hit by a car on Highway 19 between Albany and Leesburg. As he lay in the middle of the busy four lane road, several motorists risked their own safety to help him.

With cars whizzing by at 60 miles per hour and more, three people stood guard over this Siberian Husky. Rescuer Billy Addison says, "My friend saw it got hit, I looked back and saw the dog still moving. I told him we needed to turn around and see if we can help the dog."

Karen Miller also stopped to help, trying to muzzle the injured dog. The scared and hurt animal hid underneath this truck. Animal Control showed up along with several policemen directing the speeding traffic away from the rescue.

Even more people stopped to lend a hand, one offering some cardboard to use as a makeshift gurney, pulling the dog from underneath the car.

A caravan of people took the dog to Gillionville Animal Clinic, weak and barely conscious.

The Siberian's rescuers have agreed to pay for the dog's care. Rescuer Karen Miller says, "You just have to if you love dogs you have to." The Siberian Husky has a broken hip and internal bleeding. And the vet says its touch and go for the next 24 hours.

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