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Bikers unite for safety

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Hundreds of bikers made their way to Albany to bring home a message they hope will save lives.

The bikers say too many people are losing their lives on Georgia roads and highways.

And they came together today to make sure drivers behind the wheel or bikers on motorcycles look out for one another to prevent fatal accidents.

The sound of revving engines could be heard for miles. But these bikers hope it was their message that sticks in motorists minds. "It's about time we came together in one voice," said Andrew Long.

Keith Taylor was one of more than 300 bikers at the rally, and he was also at the intersection the night of David Sledge's collision.

"To hear the tires screech and hear the kaboom and see this guy ride through the air like a rag doll.... it was just scary. It stayed in my mind for two nights," said Taylor.

It was also that accident that put Andrew Long and Greg Jones into action. "I was so infuriated about it when I heard about it last week, my wife said why don't we do something positive about it," said Long.

So they invited bikers from all over the state to help make drivers aware. "We have to watch hundreds of yards away as motorcycle riders because when we go to an intersection cars don't see us," said Taylor.

Paint still lies on the pavement from the wreck that took David Sledge's life. And this is where the group met to give drivers one message.

"When you are on the road, look out for cars, trucks and especially motorcycles because we are hard to see," said Taylor.

"We love the wind in our face, and we want to get home alive," said Long.

With signs held high and strength in their numbers, they hope David Sledges tragedy isn't repeated.

"If we can pull together and look out for one another on the street, we could save a life and save some heartache for the next family. Put a little humanity back into riding," said Long.

Motorists are encouraged to always look out for motorcycles; especially at intersections, when performing lane changes, or while passing other vehicles.


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