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Illegal dumping in Cook County

December 17, 2002

Cook County - Ron Bickford rents a mobile home on Antioch Road in Cook County, and his backyard is filled with tons of rubble and waste from the demolition of the old King Frog Restaurant.

"We've got everything out here from metal to concrete to old papers and cooking utensils," said Bickford.

Bickford says the dumping started about a month ago with just a few loads. But he never imagined it would develop into a canyon of waste. "What if the asbestos goes down into our water, it could be fatal," said Bickford. "I've seen Erin Brockavich and I know what that can do - it could kill us."

The Environmental Protection Division says they issued the property owner a permit that allowed the dumping of inert waste, such as concrete, rocks and bricks. But the area has been filled with construction and demolition waste - lumber, plastic, metal, and other debris - causing the EPD to revoke the permit. Now, the illegal dumping has stopped and the C&d waste should be removed. But it's still there and Bickford wants it gone.

"If they've ordered the dumping to stop, that's good but now they need to come get all of this stuff before something bad happens," said Bickford.

The EPD says they sent out certified letters today and the illegal waste should be removed immediately. But Bickford won't rest until he sees first hand all the debris removed from his backyard.

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