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Gator enjoys Albany garage

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  When you go out to your car in the morning, you may take a brief look around to make sure that you don't hit something when you're backing out. But you certainly wouldn't expect to see a 10-foot-long alligator staring back at you. That's what happened to 23 year old Dametric Langs Friday morning.

What he saw was this 10 foot long gator. What was his first reaction? "I ran in and called my mother," said Langs.

After a few more frantic calls, a trapper was called in. But to get to the gator, Dametric needed to back the car out of the carport, and the big fella was NOT co-operating.

"When I started backing out, he started trying to attack the car. And it kind of scared me so I started backing out a little faster."

Trapper Danny Jones and his assistant got the gator in the trailer in about 15 minutes.

Although it must have seemed like an eternity after the gator took a bite out of the gate. Jones says that getting calls about wayward saurians is not unusual this time of the year. This is the eighth gator that he's gotten a permit for so far.

And both the trapper and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources say that this is the season where young gators are hunting for food, and love. For Dametric, this average day turned into a day that he'll never forget. "it was an experience."

And the next time that he goes out to the car, he'll definitely be looking a little more carefully.

Unfortunately, gators captured around people usually can't be resettled into the wild.

This one was taken to a gator farm in Mitchell County where you can probably guess what will happen to him.

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