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Albany Police Chief says parents must help fight youth crime

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany's new Police Chief says he is concerned by the series of recent gun crimes, especially those involving young people.

John Proctor has been on the job for six weeks and says he is optimistic about lowering Albany's crime rate.

Chief Proctor says he wants your help to fight Albany's troubling youth crime problem.

Albany Police Chief John Proctor says after meeting with people in the community, he knows youth and gang crime problems are a concern and he says parents have to help solve the problem.

Proctor said "families have a number one responsibility in this. I am asking them to step up to the plate, and do what they are supposed to do. That is raise their own kids. So that they don't go down the road to do bad things and get arrested."

Proctor said since taking over the Albany Police Department, he has ordered his Officers to work every crime more aggressively, striving to solve it. He said the force is currently 8 Officers under full staff, and he wants to fill those vacancies as soon as possible in order to have as many Cops on the streets as possible.

Proctor said "This city will never be crime free, but we will work on reducing both the crime that occurs and the fear of crime in this community."

Chief Proctor says he loves Albany, and he is optimistic his Police will win their fight against crime.

Proctor said "As I hear the nay sayers saying that this place is lost, I'm also feeling folks say that there is a lot of promise here. And that falls in line with what folks hear me say. I see challenges, but I see a lot of opportunites."

Chief Proctor says he will continue to listen to the community, and asks your help reporting crime, to clean up Albany.

Chief Proctor says he will continue working with churches because they can have a lot of positive influence on young people.


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