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'Big Switch' is imminent

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - In the final hours prior to the Big Switch to digital television, millions of homes may not be ready. 

The latest estimate shows 2.8 million American households are not ready for the transition to digital television.

In Mitchell County, Rachel Sabillion told us she is. She has Direct TV but receives local channels like WALB through an antenna. She bought her digital converter box last week and said the installation took just a little work. 

"It took a while to get it set up, you have to have the antenna in the right spot, spread out properly and re-scanning, I think I had to rescan three times before I got it, but it's good now."

 If you have a digital television or digital converter box, you'll need to rescan to find WALB when it jumps from digital channel 17 to digital channel 10 Friday.

If you have cable or Dish network, the transition should be automatic. Most stations will make the switch around two AM.

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