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New storage units worry home owners

December 16, 2002

Albany - More than 60 members of an Albany neighborhood fight to stop a development they say will ruin their subdivision. Residents of River Point Plantation, on Philema Road, gave county commissioners a petition opposing the building of storage units at the front of their subdivision.

Home owners contend the storage units will be an eyesore to their neighborhood and to Chehaw Park across the street. But, the land is zoned for mixed commercial-resident use. "We have invested a lot of money in our homes, and we want to make sure all developments add to the beauty of this area," said Fred Bowles.

Todd Lanier, the engineer building the units, says land developer Pace Burt has a vested interest in keeping the area clean. Burt lives in River Point and owns the remaining residential lots in the subdivision.

"Why would Burt do anything that will hurt his chances of selling homes in the subdivision," said Lanier. "He and I think this development will enhance the area." Home owners want developers to tell them what they have planned for the land and so do Chehaw Park officials.

"We too care about what the front entrance area of the park looks like," said Glenn Dobrogrosz, Chehaw Park. "We won't to hear what developers are planning to do with this land and other land in the area.

The planning commission recommends approval from the mini-warehouses, but the commissioners will make the final decision January 6th. Home owners say they will fight until the end to stop this development.

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