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The busiest mailing day of the year



December 16, 2002

Albany- If you didn't go there yourself, you may be surprised at how many people visited the Post Office Monday.

Lots of you spent the weekend wrapping packages and writing Christmas cards to send to loved ones, and more than a million pieces of mail are expected to go through the main Post Office.

Lines weren't too bad, but workers barely got a break from stamping and taping packages.

At the Lafayette Plaza Post Office, hours are extended for the holidays. In order to keep customers happy, and keep the line flowing, a post office greeter answered questions.

Even though it wasn't in her job title, she sometimes opened the door for those with their hands full. And that was quite a number. The Post Office door barely gets a chance to rest. And either does the greeter, Bonnie Bland. She is here to help keep the flow of customers happy.

"Earlier I was helping people wrap packages. The traffic comes and goes,” Bonnie said.

The holiday rush is bringing in packages of all sizes, tons of Christmas cards and presents that will last for generations.

Meanwhile, Mail Boxes, Ecetera is also keeping a steady flow holiday guests. “Christmas gifts to my daughter and grandsons,” says Sue Nightingale, who will not see them over the holidays. “I was gonna send myself, but that’s a little expensive.”

Since today is the busiest mailing day, Wednesday is expected to be the busiest delivery day of the year. on an average day, the Post Office delivers more than 660 million pieces of mail. But on a day like today, it’s more than 850 million pieces.

The United States Post Office Holiday mail volume between Thanksgiving and Christmas will reach 20 billion this year, or ten percent of its annual volume.

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