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Albany man surprised by quick burglary

By Len Kiese - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Your home is supposed to be a private and safe haven but it seems more crooks are violating that sense of security. There's been a rash of both business and home break-ins recently in Albany.

By the end of April, there were more than 400 burglaries. In that same timeframe, only 11-percent of those cases were solved.

This past weekend, Albany Police worked several cases in a matter of hours. We spoke with a disabled Albany man who never thought he'd be a victim.

Edward Johnson Junior recently had some uninvited guests at his home on Colquitt Avenue. "Nobody has any business going in your house if you aren't home," said Johnson.

It happened Friday. Like most days Johnson left home around noon to see his mother in the nursing home. "And I usually get back around 3," said Johnson.

Once back home, he decided to head to his back room to watch a little television. He was met with a surprise. "I went back there and it was gone," said Johnson.

The cable cord was cut and his 42-inch flat screen television was missing from it's usual spot. "I hate to see it missing. That was the best one I had," said Johnson.

Other Albany residents have similar stories. That same day a laptop computer along with a Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation were some of the items stolen from a home on Cantrell Lane.  Another victim reported several pieces of jewelry stolen from her home on Surrey Road. The burglaries are part of several recently all over the city.

"Keep on doing it and the police will get you down the road. Sooner or later they will get you," said Johnson. Johnson hopes to get his television back. He spent $700 on it.

"They'll probably sell my television for $200 or less," said Johnson. Luckily the thieves didn't make away with anything else from the home. "Just my television set," said Johnson.

Johnson says if they come back, they'll have something else to take. "Either that good stick or my rifle. I'm going to go in there and straighten them out because I don't like that," said Johnson.

He doesn't like being a victim one bit. Unfortunately, he's just one of dozens to be violated by those illegal house guests.

Despite a recent rash, the most recent available crime stats from Albany Police actually shows burglaries were down almost 18 percent when compared to last year.  


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