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Jolivette case heard by Lott

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A hearing was held for the former Albany Fire Department Assistant Chief to appealed his firing by the city. A group of supporters accompanied Roderick Jolivette to the hearing at the City Government building, to be character witnesses.

Former Assistant Fire Chief Roderick Jolivette declined comment to us before his hearing, but then did have one message.

 "Right here, cameraman. it's about the Bible. It's about telling the truth," Jolivette said.

Jolivette was fired April 23rd by Fire Chief James Carswell for improper use of City of Albany workforce and equipment, abusing authority, and making false accusations against another employee.

A city investigation determined that on April 3rd the Assistant Fire Chief ordered an on duty fire truck and crew to help remove carpet and furniture from his his aunt and uncle's flooded home.

The investigation says Jolivette tried to put blame on another firefighter when questioned, and failed a lie detector test given him.

City Manager Al Lott led the appeal hearing, and will make the final decision at a later date.

Jolivette's attorney Johnnie Graham said she has doubts the hearing will be fair.

"I'm not sure about that process. There is some concern about asking the city to review it's actions."

After his firing Jolivette also filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claiming he was passed over last year for a promotion in favor of a white man. Jolivette's attorney said they called eight witnesses to speak at the hearing to defend his character, and explain his actions.

"We certainly hope that the facts will come out. And as a result of those facts coming out, Mr. Jolivette will be retained in his position of Assistant Chief," Graham said.

Jolivette worked for the Albany Fire Department for 23 years. Lott's decision is not expected until at least the end of the week.

      • Click Here to see Lott's letter of termination to Jolivette.

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