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Delivery driver worried about recent crime

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The victim in a shooting case Friday night; 49-year-old Tim Monette is in fair condition, he was shot in the head fleeing from the house after being ambushed, the two suspects stole his car.

Just after 2 Saturday afternoon police spotted the black Chevy Cobalt they believe belonged to the delivery man.

"She turned around to get more information on the vehicle and the vehicle took off on her," said Sgt. Kinshishi Adams, Albany Police Department.

By the time she caught up to the car, the suspects had made couple turns and crashed in the West Highland Alley.

"She didn't get a chance to blue light the subjects because they had already wrecked," said Adams.

Police say just two hours earlier the black Cobolt was involved in a hit and run accident just up the road from last night's shooting.

The tag didn't match the fleeing car, the plate was stolen.

"We ran the tag and found out the tag came back to another vehicle that was inoperable," said Adams.

This most recent incident has other delivery drivers worried.

"I just heard about it today and that sort of made me skittish of doing deliveries," said Jerry Potts.

Potts owns Fox's Pizza and only does deliveries himself.

"I'm the only one who delivers for my store it's just me," he said "safety is the biggest issue, food and money is not worth a life."

The restaurant has already been taking safety measures on his deliveries.

"I do tend not take cash I do credit card or check only," said Potts.

Potts delivers only within a four mile radius but now he's thinking about implementing some delivery changes.

"Most of them are going to be to businesses and I'm probably going to shy away from home deliveries unless I know who you are, said Potts.

He said the thought of being a victim never really crossed his mind.

"It really never crossed my mind up until today," said Potts.

But since Friday night's delivery ambush and shooting he'll be a bit more careful.


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