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Teacher awaiting trial for murder stays on payroll



December 13, 2002

Albany-- Monroe High School math teacher Bill Scheer will likely stand trial in February on charges he beat his elderly father to death with a golf club, 12 years ago.

Scheer was arrested November 25th, and has not returned to his classroom. Now, he's worked out an agreement with the school system to remain on the payroll but stay out of the classroom.

 To suspend or fire Bill Scheer, the school board would have to hold a hearing on the charges against him. And that's not what they want to do. School Board attorney Tommy Coleman said "We didn't want to create a circus for the school system. And we didn't want to create a circus and interrupt this legal proceeding, this criminal case."

Scheer has been a teacher for 12 years. Because of the Georgia Fair Dismissal Act, the only way to suspend or fire him would be to hold a hearing, and basically try this murder case before the School Board.

Coleman said "It would be difficult to argue that he was a danger of disruption, since this occurred so long ago. And so we felt this was the most prudent course to take."

Scheer remains at his home, wearing an electronic monitoring device. The school board will give him work in special projects to complete, some of which he can do at his home. But he will not return to the classroom.

Coleman said "This will not be a make work job. There will be actual things to do. I don't know that we at this early period know exactly what that's going to be."

Bill Scheer will continue to collect his full pay, as he awaits trial. No schedule has been set for him to start his new duties. "This certainly carries a certain gravity that far exceeds anything we've had before."

Prosecutors charge that September 13, 1990 Bill Scheer left Monroe High School and murdered his 88 year old father at their Pheasant Drive home, then returned to school.

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