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Burglars break into a disabled East Albany man's home

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Burglars hit the home of a disabled East Albany man and took thousands of dollars worth of his belongings.

The victim, Steven Walls, is appealing to his neighbors to come forward if they saw anything. He says it would have been impossible for just one person to make off with the two safes that were stolen. Walls also says it's time for something to be done about rising crime in Albany.

Steven Walls already has a chain link fence around his property to protect his home. Friday he added heavy chains and a new master lock to the gate to keep other from breaking in. He's also planning to change the locks on his doors after someone broke in last night, but didn't force their way in.

A break in at the home Steven Walls shares with his roommate Byron Alday has Walls fighting mad.

"It's too much, this has gone on too much now," said Steven Walls.

Byron Alday came home last night and discovered two safes were gone.

"The door was unlocked, because my roommate was the one who found it unlocked when he came home," said Walls.

Inside those missing safes, one from the dinning room and another hidden in the closet 180 dollars in cash, other valuables, and important papers.

"In my roommates safe also he had approximately 10 rings, and two or three necklaces, rope chains like, and his bank papers and his bank book," said Walls.

The two had a third roommate who recently left but,

"The original keys were returned," said Walls.

Walls now worries the thieves may have used a copy of those keys to get in.

Albany Police found no forced entry, but Walls showed us where his door was damaged. Police also dusted for fingerprints, but Walls told us they weren't able to find anything. Now he hopes someone in his neighborhood may be able to help by providing police with information before money from their accounts start disappearing too.

"There's a sign posted over there protected by neighborhood watch, where is the neighborhood watch, where is the justice in Dougherty County?" questioned Walls.

Law enforcement has said if you have a safe inside your home to protect your valuables, it's important to secure that safe to the floor or wall studs. Walls told us both of those safes should have been locked when they were taken.

Albany Police say there were 408 burglaries in Albany between January and April, 116 in East Albany alone. Albany Police urge anyone with information on the crime to call their office or the Crimestoppers number at 436-TIPS. Through Crimestoppers you can make an anonymous tip.


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