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Bills are overwhelming South Georgians

December 12, 2002

Albany- Hundreds of applicants have already received money from the Albany Outreach Center, for utility bills and even rent, and this week, they have received a new batch of applications that they are trying to process.

Each applicant can receive up to three hundred dollars for one of their bills, and Albany Outreach Director, Pat Sobleskie, says for many people it's just not enough.

One of those people is Laura English, who is a waitress. She says if she doesn't get help, she may be out on the streets next week.

Water, Gas and Light customer director of marketing and customer relations, Lorie Farkas, says she's noticing that costs aren't increasing for utilities, but people are having a problem prioritizing their finances.

Laura English disagrees. She says it's not that she can't prioritize her money, it's just that she doesn't have enough from the start.

If you're looking for ways to lower your utility bill, you can call Water, Gas and Light. An energy auditor can come to your home to help you find ways to conserve energy and save money.

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