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Informants play key role in drug arrests

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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Eight suspects were arrested for selling drugs in Blakely after an undercover operation that began with phone calls from concerned citizens.  

These eight people were arrested this week for selling drugs. Some for cocaine, others marijuana, one for Methamphetamine. All the investigations began with tips from concerned citizens or informants.

"The majority of the arrests we make are from information from informants," said Thomas Co. Narcotics officer Kevin Lee. 

In Thomas county the story is the same.  "We can't be there to see what they see hear what they hear," said Lee. Drug agents need your eyes and ears to keep the community as drug free as possible. But they especially need more anonymous tipsters-  average citizens who want to get rid of drugs.

"A Guy called one time, and it led to five pounds marijuana, then 40," Lee said. After more undercover operations, agents recovered 100 pounds of marijuana in that case.

Lee says during the 13 years he's worked here, they've never had an informant injured. "A lot of times people are nervous. But no need to be, no one would know you called but us."

Still Thomasville resident John Payne, is hesitant. But he knows first hand the damage drugs can do to a neighborhood, and a family. That's why informants are key to keeping illegal drug activity down.

And in Thomas county, hundreds of informants are on file. "If you sell drugs long enough, you're going to get caught," said Lee.

You can help by keeping your eyes open, and making a simple phone call.

Drugs agents we spoke with stressed you can remain anonymous when you call in with tips. In Thomas county, you can call the drug squad at 229-225-3305 to report drug activity.

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