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Alligators cause trouble in Lee County

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some dangerous, unwelcome guests are popping up in Lee County back yards and it's likely because of the dryer weather we've experienced.

In the last two weeks, the Department of Natural Resources has been called several times to trap three to four foot alligators. This gator made himself comfortable in the drainage ditch in front of Regions Bank along Highway 19 Tuesday night. Officials say right now alligators are on the move because some of the ponds they've been in are drying up.

"You're back yard is not their natural habitat, that's not where they want to stay. They're looking for water and they'll move on if allowed to," said Captain Jeff Swift, Department of Natural Resources.

Wildlife officials say you should never approach an alligator or give it food. If it doesn't move on, you should call your local law enforcement office. In Georgia, it's illegal to kill an alligator outside of their hunting season from September to October. Even then, you need a special license.


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