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Fall Feather Hunt

December 12, 2002

Dougherty County-- Corporate executives get a taste of Georgia. And, state leaders hope we'll be welcoming new business to Georgia.

The 2002 Fall Feather Hunt is southern hospitality at its best. Fifteen corporate executives from across the country hunt quail at some of the finest plantations around Albany. And, the first class treatment has brought first class results to Georgia's economy.

Toby Buck has one thing on his mind -- "Hammer the quail... reduce the population." And that's just what he does.

Besides being an experienced hunter, Toby Buck is a big shot business man, thinking seriously of expanding his medical supply company to Georgia. "The attitude of the people are most desirable. The folks down here are not pushy, they are deliberate and directed, yet I don't feel pressure."

Fall Feather Hunt Host, Jim Deal, says "The main purpose is to get to know them to make friends, and hoping from their friendship they'll keep Georgia on their mind and invest their money with us."

Since 1988, the Fall Feather Hunt has resulted in two billion dollars of new investment in Georgia. And Toby Buck's Indiana-based business could be next. "I think Georgia has some things here that all business seek in terms of attributes with the tax code, economic development and the folks down here have a vision for tomorrow."

But today it's all about hunting quail. Of the nine corporate executives that attended last year's hunt, three expanded or relocated their business to Georgia.

"This is really well done, and I've got this down to a science,” says Buck. "'Welcome to Georgia!'"

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