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A day in the life of a Marine

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Community leaders get a chance to experience life as a Marine for a day.

The Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base hosted 30 people for a day at the base.

It offered them hands-on activities from the military world.

The 30 community leaders bused onto the Albany Marine Base, and were quickly greeted for their education as any other raw Marine recruit.

Master Sgt. John Richard said "Do you understand?" Yes Sir.

And if they thought this was going to be a relaxing day for VIPs, their drill instructor set them straight quickly.

Rchard said "That nasty camera, get it out of my face, get it out of my base."

One of the first skills they learn, how to march.

Richard says "you got right face, march. When I give you the position and get you in the position of attention, I'm going to give you a face and then we're going to march off."

And when the new troop doesn't get it right, they get a little look at boot camp discipline.

Richard says "Stop , stop. Get back now."

Then it was moving up to Marine Business. Like self defense with pugil sticks.

Veterinarian Dr. Ken Greene is gung ho for this fun.

Greene said "This is my idea of a dream come true."

Greene wanted to see how just tough these Marine Instructors are, and came away with a healthy respect.

 Sgt. Stephen Baker said "An insight into what we do. To get a little taste of it. Not to actually hurt them or anything."

Greene said "Wish I had joined up 30 years ago."

The community leaders also got a chance to train and shoot military weapons. Real shotguns outside.

Corporal Marcus La.Croix said "They need a little more practice."

And computer simulators inside to test their marksmanship. Just a taste of a Marines day.

 Albany Area Chamber of Commerce Director of Sales Donna Gray said "I do have a lot of respect for the Marines after being out here, living in their city for today. And learning what they know how to do. And protect us on a day to day basis."

Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek said "I really think it's an experience everyone should go through. I think you have a different feeling for your country."

And everyone of these community leaders we talked with said their respect for the Marines was greatly enhanced, after walking in their shoes for a day.

Currently the Albany base is home to 480 active duty Marines.


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