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Watchful eyes can keep you from becoming a victim

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TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A 10-year-old boy walking down 6th street never thought he would become a victim while on his way to his grandmother's house Saturday night. His mother told officers that four masked men in a car pointed a gun at him and threatened to kill him.

"Nothing like this ever happens, that is why it took me by surprise," said concerned resident, Joseph Thomas. Luckily the boy wasn't harmed and the men drove off heading North on Prince Avenue.

Monday night a 26-year-old man told police officers that he was violently mugged by three men as he was waking home around Duggan and Collins street. They choked him and threw him against a fence and only got away with $19.

"Usually this type of crime goes up in the summer. There are more people out and about walking around. So we tend to see an increase," said Detective Len Moore with the Tifton Police Department.

That is why they are advising everyone to be observant of their environments. "If you do have to walk somewhere, go with someone if you can. Try to stay away from alleys and poorly lit areas," said Det. Moore.

"We have a pretty good neighborhood watch in this area. If we see something out of whack, we immediately call 9-1-1," said Thomas. And police say vigilant neighbors are the best defense against these type of crimes.

"They know when something is not right. They know when a car is parked somewhere too long and looks suspicious," said Det. Moore.

"It's good to have neighborhood watch. We have to look out for one another because you never know," said Thomas.

Police are increasing their visibility by staying on the streets as much as they can. "You got to remember that they are outnumbered," said Thomas.

"The citizens of a community are the police best resource. We do what we do because of the community," said Det. Moore. Police hope their safety tips and extra patrols will keep neighborhoods safe.

Anyone in Tifton who would like to start a neighborhood watch program can call Tifton Police Lieutenant Steve Hyman at 229-382-3132. You can also call your local law enforcement agency for more information.


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