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Parents raise concerns over Sexting

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some south Georgia parents say they're taking experts advice and talking to their children about the dangers of Sexting.

In Dougherty County, parents say they've found pictures of children in their underwear and shared between friends cell phones. Many parents told us they have sat down with their children and explained those types of pictures are unacceptable and there can be consequences for those actions.

"I take her phone at night and I go through it so if she's got pictures in there, I'm going to see them," said Jamila Floyd, a parent of four.

"They know what I accept, they know what I'm all about, but again you never know what your children do when you're not around," said Shonta Bell, a parent of five.

Parents say they've explained to their teenagers that they shouldn't cave in to peer pressure. Child psychologists say parents need to help their children understand the outcome of sending explicit pictures to their friends before they push the send button.


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