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Toy Show has Albany digging in attic

December 11, 2002

Albany-- Digging through the attic might uncover some hidden treasure.

It did for Bill Creech. He stopped by the Toy Road Show in Albany with some old toys from his childhood. His old cart and buggy is worth $120.00.

His World War Two era toy soldiers go for about $15.00 a piece. All in all, Mr. Creech's old toys are worth several hundred dollars. Bill Creech says, "I'm pleased worth so much but I don't think I want to sell them. My great grandfather gave me that when I was five years old, they mean a lot to me I had them a long time."

The Toy Road Show is going on at the Holiday Inn on Dawson Road. The company will be buying old toys tomorrow from nine a-m until seven at night.

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