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Unemployment benefits running out



December 11, 2002

ALBANY - With Christmas just two weeks away, most of us are spending our time at the malls, ringing the cash registers, ringing up the bills. But others are spending their time at the Department of Labor in search of the best Christmas present, a job.

"Just scarce for everybody right now, which is understandable," Annette Haywood who's unemployed right now said.

If those living on extended unemployment benefits are also out getting caught up in the holiday frenzy, they are sure to get a rude awakening the week after Christmas.

"We've been telling them end of the year is the cut off for legislation if drawing an extension there will be nothing for you," Mike Flowers said.

"Hopefully they got the message come in trying to find way to get into labor market.

The 13-week extension is expiring, because Congress did not get together in time before recessing to pass more benefits, That disappoints those who feel they are doing all they can in a tough economic times.

"I'd say to the goverment people are looking, I'm here everyday myself searching, parking lot is always full of people trying to make a better life for themself," Haywood said. 

Second district Congressman Sanford Bishop is promising to take those sentiments with him back to Washington in January. "Feel outcry will be so great we'll be compelled to do something when we return."

Albany's unemployment level in October was 4.8 percent, lower than the month before. The Department of Labor however is expecting that number to rise this month.

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