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Illegal machines confiscated



December 11, 2002

Albany-- Eleven video poker machines have been seized by the Dougherty County Sheriff's Department. This is the first seizure of the gaming machines since they were outlawed in July.

Five of the machines were found at Wild Bill's Sports Bar on Sylvester Road. Six more were found at convenience stores. The machines are owned by four out-of-town amusement game machine companies.

District Attorney Ken Hodges says he wants to make sure the video poker machines stay out of Dougherty County. "As long as the law is on the books that they are illegal, that is what we are going to do. If the people bringing these machines into Dougherty County will stop, we will not prosecute. If they continue, we will see about using prosecution powers as a way of deterring that."

Some of the machines will accept up to one hundred dollar bills. When they were seized there was $1,000 in the machines from people playing them. The 11 machines are valued at about $3,000 a piece.

The video poker games will be crushed at the Albany dump.

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