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Worth County pastor rebuilds 140 year old church

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

WORTH COUNTY, GA (WALB) - A red cross in front an old wooden chapel reminds Randy Polite of just how far he has come. "God has delivered me from the streets, the drugs, the alcohol, the whole game. And since that time I have been doing his work," said Polite.

Pastor Randy Polite has been at Morning Star Baptist Church for almost three years. "When I came to this church, the church had been closed down. No members, just one deacon," said Polite.

And everyday he works toward getting a new chapel built. "It's been a struggle. We have just a handful of members, but they are dedicated," said Polite.

Polite said building this new chapel was a calling from God. "If God said do it, I say do it. It don't take ten-thousand people to do what God need to get done," said Polite.

And he is now watching his vision become a reality with the new foundation being set. "A lot of pastors have been pouring and soiling into the ministry," said Polite.

One of them is Pastor Leggett who also built a new church with just a few members. "They are a small congregation, and they are building by faith. And I wanted to join my faith with his faith," said Abundant Life Fellowship Pastor, Donnie Leggett.

And Pastor Polite knows exactly how powerful faith can be. "I never will forget January 15, 1989. And I remember that day like I remember my birthday. That was the day I was rebirth and that is what God is having us do here."

And though the construction is far from over, he believes faith will bring Morning Star back to life. It will take about $80,000 to build the new sanctuary. So far about $20,000 worth of construction has been completed.

If you'd like to help the church, you can contact Randy Polite at 229-291-9893.


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