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Where is Albany's worst traffic?

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For the eighth straight year, the intersection of North Westover Boulevard and Nottingham Way is the most dangerous intersection in Albany.

It has earned that dubious distinction every year since city engineers started compiling that crash and injury statistic.

But now there is hope that a state grant will help re-design and improve that intersection, and make it safer.

Collisions at the Nottingham and Westover intersection increased from 32 in 2007 to 39 in 2008, most of them were rear end crashes.

One big problem is cars getting onto the east bound by pass have to yield here. And many drivers looking back over their shoulder for a spot to merge run into the cars in front of them that stop. People who drive regularly here say there is no doubt this is the most dangerous intersection in Albany.

Drivers are not surprised that once again this intersection is the most dangerous in Albany.

Motorist Melvin Anderson said "People come in and out from out of town. Lots of travelers coming through here. It's real dangerous."

 "This intersection has an enormous amount of traffic, about 40,000 vehicles a day. So when you get that many vehicles in such a small amount of space, you are bound to have crashes," said Albany Safe Communities Coordinator Michele DeMott.

The city hopes to find out by July whether they'll receive a $750,000 grant to improve the intersection. That will add an additional through lane on the Bypass from the west, and remove that yield lane, changing it to a turn at the light.

"So hopefully with these improvements we'll be able to increase capacity at this particular intersection and move traffic more smoothly and without crashes," De Mott said.

Engineers estimate increasing capacity by as much as 20% with the improvements, which would make Melvin Anderson feel better on his daily travels.

"I'll be pleased with that. Save more lives," Anderson said.

The Albany top ten most dangerous intersection for 2008 had a 70% turnover from the 2007 list. City and state engineers did road safety audits on many of 2007's most dangerous intersections, and many of the changes they came up with cut crashes and injuries.

Now they have high hope that if they get the state grant money, they can make this intersection safer, and maybe one day it won't be the most dangerous in the City.

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