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Some Dougherty County residents have been without water for a month

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Too much wet weather in southwest Georgia is wreaking havoc with water supply.

It's a reversal from the last two years, when well drillers were having to dig deeper wells to find water. Now an abundance of water, has cut off the drinking water supply to many homes because of contamination.

It's been nearly two months since Donnie Barwich had a sip of water coming from the tap at his mother's home.

"Our well's been under water and so, we've got to treat it," said Barwich.

To get a drink or cook, it's a chore.

"We're having to haul drinking water stuff like that," said Barwich.

He's not alone, Harvey drilling owners say for the last two years their business has been lowering well pumps to find water, now it's concerns over discolored water and they say its because of too rain and ground water.

"People calling with their toilets and sink with discoloration, more so than they have in the past," said Ryan Thompson, Harvey Drilling CEO.

"Most all of the wells around here pull from the Floridian aquifer so that aquifer will recharge fairly quickly," said Thompson.

It could be a simple problem.

"The mineral content in the water has gradually increased, we've had a lot of calls from people with dirty water," said Thompson.

Most times letting it run can clear up the problem, but for half of the samples Dougherty County's Environmental Health Department has received it's meant a contaminated well which could lead to more drilling. They caution anyone with discolored water to have the situation checked and hope the rain will hold off, at least for a little while giving those who've struggled a chance to get those regain their creature comforts.

Environmental Health officials say for flood victims who still haven't been able to access their wells because of flood waters they're still willing to test those water samples for free. For others with discolored water or concerns they can have their wells tested for a $25.00 fee. To contact Environmental Health call (229) 430-4575.


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