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ASU police conduct emergency drill

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Police Officers got realistic training on when to shoot and when to hold their fire.

Albany State University Police held training today for discretionary shooting,    exercising quick decisions on deadly force, to be ready in case they have to draw their gun.   

Albany State University Police Chief Roberson Brown said, "To watch the suspect's hands, and as an absolute last resort use deadly force. But make sure they hit their intended target because innocent by standers could be injured." 

The officers look at three targets, and have to make quick decisions. Some targets hold guns, some hold hostages, and some hold cameras or cell phones.

Brown said "The officer who shot at this target obviously did not look at her hands. He just saw the position as a threatening movement and used deadly force as if a last resort. He would not be justified because there is a camera in her hand."

Sgt. Cherysh Green said "Never get too much training. Because every situation is different, everything changes. So you always have to be up on your guard."

Sgt. Mike Fowler said "The more times you can shoot and come to the range, and hone your skills, the more times if it happened in the real world or on duty, you'd be prepared for it."

 Chief Brown said he hopes his Officers never have to use their guns, but in case of the worst he wants them ready to protect the University with the best training.  

The Albany State Police force has 14 full time sworn officers. The two sergeants interviewed in this story are both members of the Albany Dougherty SWAT Team.

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