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Keep kids safe as they splash in the pools

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - Toddlers aren't the only ones at risk of drowning or getting hurt in and around the pool.

School's out, the weather's warm, and kids of all ages are swimming in pools everyday.

And where there's water, there's always a risk of danger. And although no one is drown-proof, there are many ways you can keep yourself and your kids safe this summer.

It's one of the most popular ways to cool off and have fun during the summer months.

But swimming can be a dangerous activity for youngsters if parents don't follow simple safety steps.

"Some of the simpler rules are no running around the pool, no diving in the shallow end," says Bainbridge YMCA Lifeguard Patrick Minarovich.

For young children, and kids that can't swim, strap on a floatation device, life jackets are best.

Even kids that know how to swim, may need something like a noodle if they get tired.

"I wouldn't use this if your kid doesn't know how to swim. But if they do it's a good thing where if the child gets tired in the deep end they have this," says Minarovich.

"It's the summer so I brought them here today," says Bainbridge resident Rhonda Porter.

Rhonda Porter's sons.. ages 9 and 6...can't swim. So she's doing the most important thing a parent CAN do while her kids splash around, she's watching.

"I keep my eyes on them to make sure they're safe," she says.

Lifeguards warn accidents happen in the blink of an eye and no one is drown proof.

"There have been several occassions this summer where people weren't watching their kids, they were playing on phones, getting a tan, and that's when somethings going to happen," Minarovich warns.

Now Rhonda and her two boys are about to take the biggest pool safety step of all - they're going to learn how to swim.

"So many kids are drowning, so it's good to know swim lessons," she says.

And it's never too late.

"Right now I'm teaching a 79-year-old man to swim," says the lifeguard.

A few other things to keep in mind. For parents its a good idea to carry a first aid kit.

Also, learn CPR. And finally always swim with a buddy. All ways to keep the summer fun and safe.



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