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Three Colquitt grads never missed a day

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

COLQUITT COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Hundreds of students have walked down Colquitt High's hallways and flipped through their text books. But few have done it every school day.

And even fewer can say they were present for every school day since Kindergarten. "It wasn't something that I tried to do," said Judd Cota.

"I just woke up every morning knowing I knew I had to go to school," said Jebb Cota.

Jebb and Judd Cato are two of the three students graduating this year with perfect attendance. "I look at it like my job and just always got up to go to school," said Cota.

"It makes it a lot easier knowing your best friend is going to school with you everyday," said Cota.

Amber Presley is the third. "Always go to school and never be late." All say that this was no small task.

"Well you definitely have to have a lot of motivation to have good grades and self-dicipline to do this," said Cota. 

"You have to be committed and do your best no matter how you are feeling," said Cota.

And all say mom and dad played a big role in making it happen. "I just want to say thanks to my mom and dad because they've helped me a lot," said Cota.

"It's hard to make a 17-year-old do something she doesn't want to do," said Betsy Presley.

They now hope that this lesson of perseverance and endurance carries on long after the last school bell has rung. "It shows how there are going to be days where she won't feel like it, but she will realize that she has got to do this just like she did in school," said Presley.

"I am excitied I think they are going to be very successful," said Paula Cota. And they are confident it will because of the strong foundation all three have set for themselves in and out of the classroom.

Perfect attendance runs in the Cato family. Jebb and Judd's father James Cato never missed a day during the 15 and a half years that he worked at Cooper Tire.


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