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Protections against lightning danger

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With daily thunderstorms in South Georgia lately it's important to protect yourself and your home from lightning.

The Albany Y-M-C-A has the latest in lightning warning systems to protect people there.

The Thor Guard lightning protection system measures weather conditions and sounds a warning siren when lightning is most likely to occur.

YMCA Youth Sports Director Keith Southwell said  "It measures the changes in the electrostatic atmosphere. As opposed to measuring the actual lightning strikes, it predicts when it's going to happen before so it gives us some forewarning."

For your home electronics experts say surge and lightning protectors are well worth the investment.

You can get one for $14 to $50 that could save your computer or other electrical appliances if lightning enters your home through an electric or phone line.


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