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Tiftarea Patriots honor fallen heroes

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Grace Ann waved an American flag in her little hand. She was one of hundreds gathered in Tifton who came together to honor those who died for our country. "I want her to understand the meaning of patriotism in her young life," said Cindy Evers.

Memorial day holds a special place in her families heart. Her father and uncle are both in the Marines and have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. "I want them both honored because they have made a tremendous sacrifice, they and their families," said Evers.

This is a sacrifice Vietnam Veteran David Register knows to well. "I was in there for four years and saw my family very little." But one he is proud of making. "I wanted to. It was my ideal goal to serve my country and I am glad I did."

But he and everyone there knows others gave much more. "It's a big sacrifice especially those who lost their lives. We all served, but there is a lot that are not here because they lost their lives and that is sad," said Register.

"Today is about honoring God and going back to our roots. Our forefathers paid a tremendous price for our freedom, and we want to recognize that," said Randy Thompson.

The Tiftarea Patriots organized this service and also organized the tea party back in April. "We don't mind paying taxes. We just want to pay our fair share," said Thompson.

And say the organization is growing everyday. "There getting involved with their government and that is what this country is all about; we the people," said Thompson. And they say these freedoms are exactly why generations of men and women gave their lives on the battlefields.

Memorial day was previously called Decoration Day. It was officially declared a holiday by former President Lyndon B. Johnson on May of 1966.


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