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Lights can be dangerous

December 8, 2002

Albany- When day turns to night, South Georgia becomes a Christmas wonderland, as homeowners cover their yards with lights. If you are getting ready to put up your lights, there are certain things you should know, so you can prevent a Christmas blaze.

Home Depot electrician, Jamie Fowler, says when you are getting ready to buy lights you should look for U-L sign of approval on the box, which means they are safe for you to use.

Franklin Lofton, lives in Bronwood, Georgia, and he says he's been putting up lights for the last twenty years, and he says he's always careful. While Fowler says more consumers should be just as save as Jones, he says many people go wrong when they put the light plug into the socket, to see the finished project.

Fowler also says putting up Christmas lights should be fun, he says you have to be careful, follow directions, and if you have questions, just ask, so your home will still be standing when the season is over.

Jamie Fowler says some people try to use indoor lights on the outside, but that is very dangerous because the insulation on the indoor lights cannot withstand the wet and cold outdoor conditions.

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