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Pool player shooting for national title

December 6, 2002

Thomasville - A South Georgia physical therapist hits the pool hall and with practice and determination he ends up a regional winner. Now, he's shooting for a national championship title.

Herb Williams of Thomasville doesn't consider himself a pool shark. He laughs, "I think I'm pretty lucky." At 49-years-old his game is right on cue for a shot at the National Championship title in singles. Williams explains, "When I was growing up I played a lot of other sports, but didn't really play a lot of pool. I have been basically playing for about a year."

In that year, Williams won the American Pool Players Association Regional Eight Ball Classic. He says, "Just before the tournament in Orlando, a month or two before that, something clicked in my game. Don't really know what it was."

Every player is assigned a handicap which will determine your skilled level. Two is the lowest and seven is the highest. Williams is somewhere in the middle at skilled level of four. He says, "The better players, the sevens, they can look at a table and see every shot and every pattern, know exactly what they'll do with each and every ball."

Williams never thought he had a shot at winning at a regional level, much less at a national level. He says, "If I win It's gonna be a miracle."

It's not an easy shot, but looking at his pattern of sinking balls in the pocket, he has a solid chance.

Williams will leave for Las Vegas to compete in the National Championship Tournament in April.

His league is in Tallahassee, Florida because Southwest Georgia does not have a league. He plans on starting one up in the near future.

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