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Drivers react to Gas gouging

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) -  One south Georgia gas station owner is under new investigation for not posting restitution signs regarding last fall's price gouging.

Of 65 Georgia gas stations fined for gas gouging, six are in Thomasville. Station fines in ranged from $700 to $6000 there. Plus, each station was required post signs informing customers that they owe them money back.

Three of the stations that are supposed to have signs up right now, don't.

For three of the six stations in Thomasville, the time for restitution payments has come and gone. But for the other three, customers can still bring in their receipts, and get their money back from last fall's gouging. Those three stations SHOULD still have signs clearly posted for drivers to see but they don't.

And customers aren't happy to know that stations they patronize are accused of ripping them off.

Jeff Shores pumped $18 worth of gas into his truck at the Citgo at the corner of North Pinetree and County Line Road in Thomasville.

Little did he know he was giving money to a station fined by the Governor's Office of Consumer Affair's for price gouging during last fall's hurricanes.

"I don't know if I would have stopped here today if I had known that," he said.

None of the owners of the six Thomasville stations cited for gouging would go on camera.

"I definitely think they should be fined for their actions," said Shores.

And they were, but they were also supposed to post signs in their windows stating that customers with receipts were eligible for refunds.

Owners of the Citgo, Hud's Mini Mart, and J&P Shop and Stop tell us they did have the signs posted for the required number of days, but recently took them down.

But one station owner, Gary Patel, who owns Granny's Country store and L&G Food Marts 2 and 3 told us off camera that he forgot to print the sign, and never posted it.

"It's good news to know," said Shores. "It will definitely influence my decision on where I purchase gas. Make me reconsider even stopping at those stations."

With hurricane season only weeks away, and gas prices steadily on the rise, drivers like Jeff Shores are holding onto their receipts.

Remember if you purchased gas at those stations between august 28 and October 6th of last year, and still have your receipts, you can get your money back if you do it by June 2nd.

The governor's office of consumer affair's is still investigating thousands of stations in Georgia, six more in Thomas county.

They advise you to continue holding onto your receipts when you purchase gas.


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