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Assault victim grateful for community action

Enoch Raines Enoch Raines
Clarence Calloway Clarence Calloway

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany charity volunteer beaten and robbed while building a wheelchair ramp speaks out about the arrest of his suspected attacker.  

24-year-old Clarence Calloway, known as 'Big C,' made his first court appearance Wednesday.   He's charged with aggravated assault for attacking 39-year-old Enoch Raines with a metal pipe and robbing him April 17th. Calloway also faces several counts of forgery in another case.

Raines says he forgives his attacker but still believes there are consequences for his actions. He's also grateful that people in the community turned Calloway in.

The Rains family feels safer in their home, knowing that Calloway is now behind bars. "My community reached out for me in order to get this guy arrested, that's big, that's very important," said Enoch Raines.

Important to the Raines because it shows their community isn't willing to let criminals have the upper hand.

"He knew the address he knew a lot of information that could have caused more harm to my husband and possible to his family," said Carol Raines.

"This community is just, they are waiting to pull together and stand together united as one. We ain't going to take this, we can't continue to take this," said Enoch Raines.

While Raines has said he forgives the man who fractured his wrist making it impossible for him to work, fractured his eye and split his lip, he says it's important he realizes there are consequences to the brutal beating.

"The Lord allowed me the opportunity to change my life and this young man needs an opportunity to change his and he's going to have to face the laws of the land for sure."

It's changed the Raines attitude, they're now trying to take back their neighborhood by starting a neighborhood watch.

"We need it and I think that's important, very important. It is, last year we had several burglaries within the home, not within the home, but the whole area," said Enoch.

Hoping to cut down on crime, one street, one neighborhood at a time.

Clarence Calloway remains in jail. He was denied bond on five of 13 charges but is eligible for $5,200 bond on the remaining charges.


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