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Colquitt County residents take Home Protection 101

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COLQUITT COUNTY, GA (WALB) - After a rash of crime in Colquitt County, people are worried about their safety. Last month, Sheriff's deputies responded to a murder and three violent home invasions in a matter of hours. Tuesday night, law enforcers turned into teachers as they hosted a class to teach people how to protect themselves.

There are lots of questions in Colquitt County after danger came knocking at doors. Joseph Seymour is one of the many people looking for answers. "We have so much criminal activity going on," said Seymour.

He came with notebook in hand Tuesday night. "I figured I'd take a few notes," said Seymour. He was busy taking down crime prevention tips on paper for a good reason. He and a friend were nearly armed robbery victims recently. "It wasn't a good feeling," said Seymour, "you know you just go along and think it could never happen to me but when it does happen to you, then it starts you to really thinking."

Citizens are still thinking and reeling from violent home invasions over the past couple of months. "Quite naturally people are concerned when you hear things like this on the news and you know it can happen to you right here in your own rural county," said Lieutenant Jerry Green with the Colquitt County Sheriff's Office.

Green hopes some tips will help ease those concerns. He went over a list of deterrents starting with lighting. "Good outside lighting, good sensor controlled lighting," said Green.

It's also good to have properly installed deadbolt locks. Green demonstrated as he quickly used a knife to open a locked door. Quality locks can prevent that. More citizens are also contemplating guns as a means of crime prevention. "Later on we'll be having actual classes so participants can fire their weapons on the range out back here," said Green.

Alarm systems are also simple and effective. The bottom line is that it's just best to have something in place to feel safer at home. "I think we need to be very vigilant and know as much as possible," said Seymour.

Seymour was already a victim once. "It really changed me in a sense. For a while there, I was really angry," said Seymour. But next time he'll be better prepared just in case.

Classes for the next two weeks are already full. Lieutenant Green says they'll hold classes as long as people sign up. For more information, call 229-616-7460.


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